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The Union is a registered charity with the Charity Commission of England & Wales (No. 1142614), and has adopted an incorporated company structure that is limited by guarantee under the Companies Act 2006.

The Trustees of the Union, are also company directors as well as charity trustees. The Trustees formally meet around six times each financial year. The Trustees are responsible for the good governance, financial stability and strategy of the Union. They delegate a number of powers and executive actions to their Chief Executive and to the Executive Committee. The members of the Union are represented generally by the Council.

There are three classes of trustee: the 'executive' Sabbatical Trustees (who are current students elected by the students in a secret ballot, who also take on a representtaive officership) and the 'non-executive' AGM and Council Trustees (the AGM trustees are recruited and elected by the AGM; the Council trustees are elected or appointed in a manner determined from time to time by the Council).

2018/19 Sabbatical Trustees: Alex Holmes, Nicholas Baker, Ezimma Chigbo, Sara Hurley, Sophia Moreau, and Barney O'Connor.

Council Trustees: 

AGM Trustees

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