Colours & Honours 2019


Nominations have now closed for this year's Colours & Honours! This prestigious ceremony is here to recognise and reward students and staff for their contributions to the Birkbeck community, including clubs and societies, representation and an all new category of student-led teaching awards. Thank you to everyone who has nominated their fellow Birkbeckians for an award - we will be releasing the shortlisted nominees soon!  

While every person who has taken part in any of our student-led activities has made a valuable contribution, it is important to recognise our members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty by volunteering their time and skills to their peers. The nature of evening study means that many of our students have multiple commitments outside of University, which makes the tremendous commitment and dedication we see year after year even more impressive. 


This year we're expanding on the teaching Half-Colours award from previous years and giving them their whole category! Whether it's a lecturer who inspires and engages you through their innovative approach to education, a lab technician or programme administrator who helps to make your time at Birkbeck College, University of London great, a staff member whose guidance and concern for your welfare has been exceptional, or a supervisor who has gone the extra mile to help you reach your full potential, we want to hear from you.

So do you know a student or staff member at Birkbeck who you felt have gone the extra mile to make the Birkbeck Community great? Nominate them to show your thanks and get them some well-deserved appreciation. 

We've got two nomination forms, one for students and one for staff, so please make sure you are nominating the correct person in the correct place! 



Student Leader_Nick

Nominations now closed


Student Leader_Nick

Nominations now closed



The Colours of the Students' Union

The following four awards are bestowed upon members of the Birkbeck community for their contributions. 

Half Colours

The recipient of the Half Colour will have made a positive contribution to the general life of the Students' Union or the College in at least one area of activity over the course of the academic year.

Full Colours

The recipient of the Colour will repeatedly, through consistent dedication and achievements, over the course of the year, have made a significant contribution to the life of the Students' Union or the College.

Outstanding Colours

This award is to reward those who have devoted an enormous amount of their time over the past academic year and displayed continuous outstanding achievement across the spectrum to the Students' Union and College activities.    

Eligibility for nominations and nominees

  1. You should be a current and enrolled Birkbeck student for the academic year of 2018/19 to submit an nomination.
  2. The nominees should be a member of the Birkbeck Community, either by being one of the following:
    • A current member of College staff,
    • A current and enrolled Birkbeck student for the academic year of 2018/19,
    • An Alumnus that has graduated from Birkbeck, University of London in the academic year of 2017/18.
  3. The nominee should have contributed to Birkbeck Students' Union and Birkbeck, University of London 


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