Academic Representation

Our Academic Representation scheme is a collaboration between the Students' Union and the College. It's aim is to increase the student representation within the academic structures and departments, giving you the power to influence and shape your learning. We know that both students and faculty care greatly about the student experience and that the only way to enhance it is to work in partnership. As an Academic Rep, you will have the opportunity to represent your fellow coursemates to the faculty and create positive change for your teaching.

On your course and in your lecture theatre or seminar room:

The vast majority of lecture groups and seminar groups will have at least one "course rep" (sometimes known as a "class rep"). This will be a student(s) agreed by the students in that group, and they will be your voice to the faculty and admin staff who are delivering your individual modules, lectures and seminars. 

On your programme, in your department and with student on your Degree level:

For each degree programme, there is at least one "programme rep" in each year of the course. These reps are recruited and supported directly by the Students' Union, and are the key conduits to course reps across the programme and have a direct line through the SU to the senior people within the School and College (including the College Registry whom is charged with monitoring and enhancing quality on courses). Each academic department will also have a "department rep" and there duty is to bring together the programme reps and act as a conduit with the elected Student Leaders. Research students also have representation, which is commonly for the whole School and also are part of the Graduate Students Association.

Speaking for you at the senior College level and to the Governing Bodies:

The Union appoints a number of student representatives to speak for students on College central committees as well as to fill corporate seats on the College governing bodies as set out in the College Charter and College Statutes.

Academic Reps are also invited to sit on Student Council.